Changwai Bilingual School (CBS) builds on the strengths of Changzhou Foreign Languages School. It is supported by Changzhou Foreign Languages School’s advanced educational philosophy, core management team, experience in school operations and high quality educational resources.

The bilingual school, which features curriculum integration under the International Baccalaureate framework, has been the first international school in Changzhou to offer a 15-year curriculum from kindergarten to high school.

With a view to becoming a modern international school which will have an impact in Changzhou and its neighboring cities, the bilingual school strives to meet students’ individuality and developmental needs and to integrate the benefits of Chinese and Western educational systems.


Changwai Bilingual School (CBS) is committed to nurturing leaders of tomorrow who are knowledgeable, innovative and caring. With an in-depth understanding and appreciation of their own culture as well as that of others, CBS students are encouraged to think and act locally and globally. They will be prepared to take on the challenges in their future personal and social lives with confidence and resilience.


Cultivating outstanding future citizens who value their own national identities, have a global mindset, and possess the skills needed to thrive in the modern world.


CBS is committed to providing a personalized education which encourages individual students to fully discover, explore and develop their potential.