CBS Closing Ceremony

The Year of the Ox is over with a huge harvest, and the Year of the Tiger is coming with many expectations. As this semester comes to a close, CBS held the closing ceremony of the 1st Semester 2021-22 in the grand theatre. 

After hearing the national anthem, the closing ceremony of the 1st semester 2021-22 officially began!

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony | The Municipal Food & Labor Education Outstanding Students

In order to set an example and inspire peers, to firmly establish the awareness of "Eat nutritiously and being  resourceful and hardworking'' among the majority of students, CBS has achieved excellent results in The Municipal Food & Labor Education Outstanding Students selection competition Changzhou 2021. Here comes the award ceremony of The Municipal Food & Labor Education Outstanding Students. CBS Vice Principal Ms. Annie CHEN  presented awards to the winners.

Award Ceremony | The Star of Month and The Most House Points Contributor

We reviewed the students who have won the “Star of the Month” this semester. High School Principal Mr. Mark YU and PYP Principal Ms. Coco YAN presented awards to the Stars of the Month this December.

House Principal Mr. Phillips announced the House points ranking this academic semester, and presented awards to the Most House Points Contributor!


Award Ceremony | The Duke of Edinburgh International Award (Bronze)

Success is accompanied by hardships, and joy is accompanied by tears. Last year, CBS high school students participated in DofE, and 5 of them completed all the challenges and won the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Medal. The Director of Students Development Center Mr. Yongtao HUANG presented awards to the winners.


Award Ceremony | CBS Outstanding Students of the 1st Semester 2021-22

Watered with sweat, harvested with joy, CBS Executive Principal Ms. Nancy LEE and Director of Academic Center Ms. Luna HAN presented awards to winners who were the Outstanding Students of the first semester.


G1A Angela 戴奕轩 - Stallions

G1B Wendy 华婉婉 - Dragons

G2A June Allibert 罗宝儿 - Cobras

G2B Cindy 孙欣迪 - Cobras

G3A Bonnie 罗晨熙 - Tigers

G3B Emily 曹语晨 - Stallions

G4A Martin 李鸣宇 - Cobras

G4B Ece Deniz - Dragons

G5 Farkhunda Majidova - Cobras


G6 Alexa 戴曦儿 - Stallions

G7A Becky 朱乙冉 - Cobras

G7B Yukie 王子曰 - Dragons

G8A Vivian 孙心陈 - Tigers

G8B Vicky 王子墨 - Dragons

G9A Sophia 汪文妍 - Cobras

G9B Shirley 祁祉涵 - Tigers


Pre-DP Alex 袁慕轩 - Tigers

DP Year 1 Roy 朱晋楠 - Dragons

DP Year 2 Richard 吴睿哲 - Cobras

A Level校级优秀学生

G10A Allen 王诺 - Stallions

G10B Chloe 巢怡 - Cobras

G11A Adria 胡慧君 - Stallions

G11B Gary 陈冠瑜 - Dragons

G12A Logan 栾嘉俊 - Cobras

G12B Jackson 于淼 - Tigers

G12C Kristen 何文烨 - Cobras

Lecture | Safety Education for Winter Holiday

In order to further improve the school's legal education, ensure that every student has a deep understanding of the law, safeguard the legitimate rights of all teachers and students, create a safe campus, and create a good atmosphere for students, CBS invited Mr. Yang Yixing, a police officer from the Longhutang Police Station, to give us a safety education lecture.


Ox cultivates auspiciousness, and Tiger welcomes the Spring. Finally, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous  and mighty year of the Tiger.