Changwai Bilingual School was officially established on May 13, 2018. With the IB as the curriculum framework, the school integrates the national curriculum with elements of international education. Additionally, it takes into account core disciplines, the acquisition of foreign languages and cultures along with the preservation of Chinese traditions, the development of students’ personalities, and the connection between children’s growth and the world community.

We expect that CBS, using IB as a framework for the implementation of integrating curricula, will provide quality international education services for foreign children as well as meeting the demands for quality education among local Changzhou people.

We expect that through careful study of the IB program, students will learn more about their own culture and develop a respect for this identity, enabling them to love and share their culture with the world. We also expect that students will gain a global perspective and begin to think more about the survival and development of human society. Most importantly, students at CBS will work to create a better world by learning and mastering the skills they need to prepare themselves for the future.

We expect that a group of ambitious, creative, and like-minded teachers will work together for the common good of the school. By translating the development goals of the school into their own mission statements, they will help build a school culture with their loyalty, enthusiasm, creativity, cooperation, and joint progress.

By working together we build a better future!


Cao Hui

Principal of CBS