Speech under the National flag丨 How to Deal With Pressure

Dear teachers and students, 

Good morning, I am Kristen and Kimmy from 12C. It is my honor to stand here. Today our theme is: How to deal with pressure?

Time flies, grade 12 students will come to the official mathematics examination, at the same time, we are actively preparing for the university interviews and anxiously waiting for offers

People at different ages will experience stress. Some amount of stress is proven to be beneficial to increase productivity. However, we need to tackle with the side effects of high levels of anxiety. One of studies on stress and longevity, Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn found that people under chronic psychological stress had shorter telomeres. Telomere depletion is linked to the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and some cancers. But another finding suggests that although we can't change our stressors, the way we react to stress can affect the rate at which our telomeres wear down.

As students, we have a few tips for coping with stress:

1. Identify the source of your stress. whether you are too perfectionist, not confident enough in yourself, etc. By being aware of these, we can adjust ourselves more clearly.

2. positive mental hints. Tell yourself that there must be a solution and that you will find it if you don't stop looking for.

3. make a small talk with close friends or teachers

4. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain. Taking a shower after a workout can relax your mood.

5. Meditate: This is a slow paced exercise to calm your nerves.

Opportunities coexists with pressure. At the end, we hope that everything goes well in 2022.