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Project Introduction

· AFS is a global community of more than 59 partner organizations that support intercultural learning, principally through exchange programs. AFS began as the American Field Service during World Wars I, when nearly 5,000 young men volunteered as ambulance drivers.

AFS programs have been in China for 34 years. Authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Education, administrated by China Education Association for International Exchange, AFS China is a well respected intercultural program for high school students and teachers, studying or working in an the basic educational establishment in China. It offers various programs including school based intercultural programs, teaching assistant, summer camp,

educator exchange and community service of one year. It lasts for a semester or a short-term exchange. 

Program participants live with volunteer host families of the host country and study or provide service in the local schools or community. So far, AFS China has cooperated with more than 50 countries all over the world and has had nearly 6500 participants to date. 

· In 2014, AFS China became the Affiliate Partner to AFS Intercultural Programs.

2017-2018 Results

· After 35 years of development in China, the AFS project has now registered 4,967 individual members in the “Volunteer Committee”, with a total number of 3,720 people, a total of 4,505 people, and the number of host families has exceeded 4,357. Family. On the international platform, the Volunteer Committee and 37 partner organizations carry out projects. In China, there are 27 local offices and 146 project schools participating in the project.

· AFS at CFS&CBS - Now for both two schools, we have AFS host exchange students programs and host family programs. Later, we will also have exchange student programs going abroad for our high school students. If any parents and students are interested in the AFS host family program, you can now sign up in advance. 

There is always information regarding a few exchange students’ sent to our school every April and May for the next academic year, this helps us to begin to arrange host families appropriately.